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Finding a Tech Solution Starts Here.

Virtual Industry Day takes the headache out of finding solutions to your technology needs. It is a comprehensive platform for proactive tech scouting that helps government agencies find the technology they need, with an emphasis on finding smaller, nontraditional vendors.







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Virtual Industry Day has a wide variety of features to provide tech scouts, tech vendors, and research
partners with the right functionality to get the job done.

  Q: How can I submit my technology?
First start by visiting our Public RFI page and reviewing open projects. If any of these suit your technology, then simply fill out the form. Once this is done your technology will be submitted for the vetting process.
  Q: How does the review process work within VID?
Once a submission is in our database, then tech scouts and reviewers begin the process of rating and categorizing submissions. This is done through the use of summary tables and quad charts with advanced rating and grading features.
  Q: Who owns Virtual Industry Day?
MilTech. MilTech is a Department of Defense Technology Transition Partnership Intermediary and operates via Partnership Intermediary Agreement between Montana State University and the Air Force Research Lab at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The mission of MilTech is to accelerate the transition of new technology to the U.S. Warfighter. Since 2004 MilTech has performed over 150 technology acceleration and transition projects for every military service and joint and special commands.
  Q: I have a project, so how can I get it on Virtual Industry Day?
Contact a project manager. Once this is done we can begin the process of adding your project to the Public RFI, and assigning a tech scout.

Amazing Features

Virtual Industry Day has a wide variety of features to provide tech scouts, tech vendors, and research
partners with the right functionality to get the job done.


Create A Project

VID can accommodate projects from an RFI with well-defined requirements to open-ended inquiries about the state of a technology. Each Project is custom-designed around the Tech Seekers requirements and specifications. Survey questions are crafted to ensure quality submissions from Tech Vendors.


Tech Scouts

Tech Scouts are the magic that make Virtual Industry Day work. They help Tech Seekers like you turn requirements into survey questions, recruit Tech Vendors to respond to the surveys, organize the responses, and set up reviews for down-selections. Tech Scouts are experienced market researchers who bring their knowledge and connections to your project so that it is successful.


Tech Vendors

The large Tech Vendors are easy to find, but often the solution to your tech need comes from a small, nontraditional vendor who has never worked with the federal government before. Virtual Industry Day makes it easy for them to respond to market research requests so that you can see what is available from small, innovative companies.


Research Results

Research Results include a Quad Chart for each technology, making side-by-side comparisons easy. Quad Charts and summary tables make it simple to rate, group, and review submissions and find the right solution for your tech need.

Relevant Reads

Articles and news from the tech world that is deemed relevant to projects found on Virtual Industry Day. All articles link to
external sites that we believe our users will find interesting.

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