Virtual Industry Day

Effectively Reviewed Submissions

Virtual Industry Day enables you to effectively find vendors, simplifies multiple rounds of data-gathering, standardizes the results and creates quad charts for each technology, and makes down-selecting easier. It consolidates information on a wide range of technologies and archives research results for future reference.



Virtual Industry Day has a wide variety of features to provide tech scouts, tech vendors, and research
partners with the right functionality to get the job done.

  Q: What are Tech Scouts?
Tech Scouts are experienced market researchers and the magic that makes Virtual Industry Day work. They help Tech Seekers turn requirements into survey questions, recruit Tech Vendors to respond to the surveys, organize the responses, set up reviews for down-selections, and produce final reports. They use resources like the MEP National Network to find innovative nontraditional vendors.
  Q: Why is this better than a traditional Industry Day?
Virtual Industry Day eliminates the travel and hassle associated with traditional Industry Days, making connections between companies and researchers more efficient and effective. Information is collected in a standardized format that allows decision makers to compare tehcnologies easily.
  Q: How does the review process work within VID?
Once a submission is in our database, then tech scouts and reviewers begin the process of rating and categorizing submissions. This is done through the use of summary tables and quad charts with advanced rating and grading features.
  Q: Who owns Virtual Industry Day?
MilTech. MilTech is a Department of Defense Technology Transition Partnership Intermediary and operates via Partnership Intermediary Agreement between Montana State University and the Air Force Research Lab at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The mission of MilTech is to accelerate the transition of new technology to the U.S. Warfighter. Since 2004 MilTech has performed over 150 technology acceleration and transition projects for every military service and joint and special commands.
  Q: Why can't I just use FedBizOps as usual?
You can, if you are patient or need responses from the big companies that regularly work with the federal government. With VID, Tech Scouts actively seek smaller, nontraditional vendors who have the technology and skills you need but may not have worked with the government before.
  Q: How do I learn how to use VID?
You can view the training video found on this page for more information, or click the "help" button found within the dashboard.

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