About Tech Vendors

Getting your Technology Seen Starts Here.

Virtual Industry Day takes the headache out of getting Vendors technology seen by government agencies. It is a comprehensive platform for proactive tech scouting that helps them find the technology they need, from Tech Vendors like you. It provides visibility with military and other researchers without the hassle and expense of travel to Industry Days or signing up on multiple government websites.

If you’d like to work with the government, even if you have never done so before, VID can help you get your technology seen quickly and easily by submitting a response to a Project listed on the Projects page. If your technology meets their needs, you may hear from the Seeker or Government personnel.

Who can be a Tech Vendor?

Any business with a solution to a technology need can be a Tech Vendor, from two people in a garage with a good idea to an established supplier of commercial parts. This includes manufacturers, researchers, developers, and software designers who want to connect with government agencies to solve technology problems.

Tech Vendor Overview


Submit Technology with Ease

Whether your company is two guys in a garage with a good idea or an established supplier of commercial parts, VID can help you submit your technology to government projects quickly and easily. You can submit a response to an RFI or Project on the Public Projects page. If you don’t see anything there that fits, you can enter information on one or more technologies so that you are easy to find for future searches.