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Whether your company is two guys in a garage with a good idea or an established supplier of commercial parts, VID can help you submit your technology to government projects quickly and easily. You can submit a response to an RFI or Project on the Public Projects page. If you don’t see anything there that fits, you can enter information on one or more technologies so that you are easy to find for future searches.


Virtual Industry Day has a wide variety of features to provide tech scouts, tech vendors, and research
partners with the right functionality to get the job done.

  Q: How can I submit my technology?
Start by visiting our Public Projects page and reviewing open projects. If any of these suit your technology, simply fill out the form. Once this is done your technology will be submitted for the vetting process. If you don't see anything you want to submit for, you can still enter your technology by going to Vendor Profile and filling in the information.
  Q: Why is this better than a traditional Industry Day?
Virtual Industry Day eliminates the travel and hassle associated with traditional Industry Days, making connections between companies and researchers more efficient and effective. Information is collected in a standardized format that allows decision makers to compare tehcnologies easily.
  Q: Who owns Virtual Industry Day?
MilTech. MilTech is a Department of Defense Technology Transition Partnership Intermediary and operates via Partnership Intermediary Agreement between Montana State University and the Air Force Research Lab at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The mission of MilTech is to accelerate the transition of new technology to the U.S. Warfighter. Since 2004 MilTech has performed over 150 technology acceleration and transition projects for every military service and joint and special commands.
  Q: Do I have to be a manufacturer?
Any business with a solution to a tech need can be a Tech Vendor. This includes manufacturers, researchers, developers, and software designers.
  Q: Are there any Technology readiness Level restrictions?
No, technologies can be at Technology Readiness Levels from 1-9. Different agencies will have different needs, so what is too new for one will be just right for another.
  Q: What is a Quad Chart?
Quad Charts are an important part of military decision making and having one is helpful.
  Q: When will I hear back after submitting?
If you submit for an RFI or Project, you may not hear anything back. So why bother? Because it is a way to get your technology in front of people who are looking to fund solutions. Your solution for an RFI may not be exactly what they need right now but might be a good fit for a future project. For Projects that seek to establish the state of a technology, your submission might help shape the requirements of a future RFI.
  Q: I want to submit a technology. How do I get started?
To start the VID process, you will create a Vendor Profile with company and contact information. From there, you will create a Technology Profile for one or more technologies that you want government agencies and Tech Scouts to see. You can do this directly through Vendor Profile, or you can go straight to Public Projects and fill it in as part of a submission.
  Q: How do I keep other Vendors from seeing my proprietary information?
Only Tech Seekers and Scouts can see your Technology. Other Vendors will not be able to see it, so your proprietary information is safe.
  Q: What kinds of Projects can I submit for?
Some of the Projects are RFIs, requests for technologies or products that fit specific requirements; in many cases, the agencies are ready to fund an acquisition. Other Projects are research about the state of a technology, what is possible now and what will be possible in the future. In these cases, your submission will help structure the Seeker’s understanding of the technology
  Q: What happens with my technology information after I submit it?
Your technology will stay on file with Virtual industry Day. Once you have submitted on Virtual Industry Day, the Tech Seeker can review your information again if another similar project comes around. If this happens, they can reach out directly to you.

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